Multiple front ends for a same site

You can configure two different Django projects (web sites) to serve a same Lino site. They will have different domain names and nginx configurations, but share the same application code and database.

Create the first Lino site as usual using getlino startsite.

The file of one of them will import the settings of the other one, and will basically just change the default_ui setting.

In the project directory of the site, create a file named with this content:

from .settings import *

class Site(Site):
    default_ui = "lino_react.react"

# the following will set new values for DATABASES and SECRET_KEY, which we are
# going to restore from those we imported previously.
SITE = Site(globals())


Create a file as a copy of Modify the copy to point to the file.

Create a file as a copy of Modify also this copy to point to the file.

Manually copy the supervisor and nginx or apache config files.

No need to run a second linod.

Install the alternative front end into the virtualenv:

$ . env/bin/activate
$ pip install lino_react