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Configuring e-mail settings

A Lino site may want to send emails to the outside world in the following situations:

  • When a exception happens on the server code, we want to inform the site maintainer.

  • The Lino application may decide to send notification mails to site users. For example all applications that use lino.modlib.notify.

  • An end user may use the lino.modlib.outbox plugin to explicitly write emails.

Here are the Django settings for sending emails.


The list of the site managers


The SMTP host that will accept outgoing mails from this site.

See also


The user name to use when connecting to the EMAIL_HOST

See also


The password to use when connecting as EMAIL_HOST_USER to the EMAIL_HOST

See also


The address to use as sender in outgoing mails to the admins


Default value for sender of outgoing emails when application code doesn’t specify it.


The subject prefix to use for emails to the ADMINS.

See Django docs

Lino also uses this in lino.modlib.notify.