Setting up a public demo server

A demo server is like a production server, but we want all the sites to share a same environment.

Warning : This is the deeper Python jungle. Don’t try this before you have installed a few contributor environments and production servers.

Read also Setting up a Lino production server before proceeding.

Set up a shared master environment as described in Set up a master environment.

Run getlino configure as root:

$ sudo su
# getlino configure --clone --web-server nginx --server-domain --https --monit --db-engine mysql --db-user demo --db-password demo

That is, you tell getlino to clone all repositories and to install them into the shared virtualenv.

Multiple versions

You may create other shared virtualenvs by changing the branch and clone another set of repositories:

# getlino configure --shared-env /usr/local/lino/shared/stable --clone --branch stable

Specify --shared-env when creating demo sites:

# getlino startsite noi first --shared-env /usr/local/lino/shared/stable
# getlino startsite tera second --shared-env /usr/local/lino/shared/master

Remove and linod entries from cron and supervisor.