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Running a Lino site on Heroku

This tutorial is Ubuntu 16+ specific. If you are using other platforms most of the instructions will remain the same and some other instructions may vary to some degree. To understand more about heroku, visit heroku devcenter. If you are having trouble following this tutorial, contact us for help.

  • Create an account at Heroku:

    If you do not have an account on heroku, click on this link to fill up the form and follow the flow to create an account of heroku.

  • Install heroku on your local machine:

    If you are using Ubuntu 16+ then use the following command to install heroku:

    $ sudo snap install heroku --classic

    Otherwise follow the instruction on heroku devcenter.

  • Heroku CLI login:

    Use the following command:

    $ heroku login

    This will open a page in your browser. Fill up the login information and Log In to heroku. This will log you on in heroku CLI.

  • Get a clone of the heroku-template repository from GitLab:

    $ git clone
    $ cd heroku-template
  • Create a heroku app:

    $ heroku create my-lino-app
  • Modify and heroku config:

    Set the ALLOWED_HOSTS variable in amici1/ file to include our app hostname (is our case this would be) The value for the ALLOWED_HOSTS variable should be:

    ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['']

    Set the Site.title attribute to “my-lino-app”.

  • Deploy on heroku:

    $ git push heroku master

After when the final command is done, you can access your app visiting the url