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The media directory

The media directory is a subdirectory of your project directory, containing symbolic links to various sets of files that Lino expects to be served under the /media/ location.

Lino manages the content of this directory more or less automatically, but only if it exists (and if www-data has write permission on it).

The development server will mount it automatically. On a production server you must configure your web server to serve them. On nginx you must say something like:

location /media  {
    alias /usr/local/lino/lino_local/myproject/media;

Or under Apache you will add a line like the following:

Alias /media/ /usr/local/django/myproject/media/

Description of the individual media sub-directories:

  • /media/lino/ : Lino’s :srcref`/media` directory

  • /media/extjs/ : ExtJS library (lino.Lino.extjs_root)

  • /media/extensible/ : Ext.ensible library (lino.Lino.extensible_root)

  • /media/tinymce/ : TinyMCE library (lino.Lino.tinymce_root)

Lino will automatically create the following subdirectories if they don’t exist:

  • /media/cache/ : temporary files created by Lino

  • /media/uploads/ : Uploaded files

  • /media/webdav/ : User-editable files

There may be application-specific media subdirectories, for example:

  • /media/beid/ : image files for pcsw.models.PersonDetail