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Mailbox Plugin

This page is obsolete.

The mailbox plugin allows you to emails entered into your lino-application databace


The mailbox plugin requires the django plugin django_mailbox. To install it run:

$ pip install -e git+

Add ‘lino_xl.lib.mailbox’ to your sites’s get_installed_plugins function


In Configure > Mailbox > mailboxes you can add new mailboxes. The relevant documentation can be found in django_mailbox’s docs.

Postfix and Mboxs

Currently we only have Maibox’s running using mboxs and postfix to allow emails to system users be entered into the db.


mbox: /path/to/mbox/mbox user: user mbox

This will have postfix send mail to both the user’s inbox and the devined mbox

Lino’s supervisor user must have write access to the folder as well as mbox inorder to read/write and lock the mbox.