Using Fabric to get quick overview of linux systemΒΆ

One can use python module Fabric to get some quick information about your linux system. First, look at and install it:

$ pip install -U fabric

Now launch python and test if it works on the simplest case:

>> from fabric import Connection;
>> result = Connection('').run('uname -a', hide=True);
>> print(result);

In case ssh-key is protected with password, use:

$ eval $(ssh-agent); ssh-add

Further, you may create a python script to check the state of several servers at once:

import getpass
from fabric import Connection;
hosts = ["", "", "", ""]
commands = ["uname -a", "last -n 10", "free -m", "df -h", "netstat -tuan"]
connection_args = dict(port=22, user=getpass.getuser())
run_args = dict(hide=False)
for h in hosts:
print("Server:", h);
conn = Connection(host=h, **connection_args)
for cmd in commands:
   print("Command:", cmd);
   res =, **run_args)

Save this script to and run:

$ python

It is supposed that you have the same username in your local machine and in remote servers. You can modify the commands-line according to your needs.